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  • Pursuing vibrant health for diabetic patients

    As we close National Diabetes Month, we reflect on Vibrant Health’s work every day of every month to ease the suffering of our diabetic patients.

    Our excellent health care providers frequently identify and diagnose diabetes in our patients. Beyond testing and treating the disease, we also work with our patients to address the many implications of diabetes.

    When we talk with our patients about barriers to health, affording medicine is at the top of the list. Poverty makes life very challenging. We have patients who have to decide between paying a power bill versus purchasing medication. Or buying groceries versus buying insulin.  For many in our patient population, paying for medication and diabetes supplies (testing strips, etc.) can be a roadblock to effectively managing the disease. We help connect our patients with assistance programs that can provide insulin and supplies at no cost for those who qualify.

    Proper nutrition is also key to effective diabetic management, but is another challenge for many of our patients who live in a food desert – an area of the city without access to healthy foods and full grocery stores. We do our best to provide patients with advice and resources as they work to maintain the best health possible.

    Finally, diabetes is not only a physical condition; a chronic disease takes an emotional toll. We’re preparing to launch support-group type sessions for our adult diabetic patients, where patients can come together, with a nurse and behavioral health staff member present, to share education, ideas, concerns, nutrition and more. We believe that as we help patients better understand the disease, they will be able to better manage its effect on their health and well-being.

    Through these efforts and more, we’re committed to being a partner for health for our diabetic patients as we advocate for vibrant health for each one of them.

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    Author: Kristin Littrell

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