Telehealth Visits

Vibrant Health offers telehealth visits for medical and behavioral health visits. 

Telehealth visits are a great option to meet with your provider from the comfort of your own home. 


Sick and chronic disease management medical care appointments can be scheduled via telehealth visits for new and established patients. Click here to learn more.


Behavioral Health appointments can be scheduled via telehealth visits for new and established behavioral health patients. Click here to learn more.

Telehealth FAQ

What are telehealth visits?

Telehealth visits are a type of health care visit that allows a patient to meet virtually with their health care provider via phone or video call.

What appointments can be scheduled as televisits?

Currently, medical and behavioral health patients can schedule telehealth visits. The majority of medical sick visits and traditional behavioral health visits can be scheduled via telehealth with Vibrant Health providers.

How can I schedule a telehealth visit?

To schedule a telehealth visit, call us at 913.342.2552 or send an email to with your name, date of birth and callback number.

What technology is required for a telehealth visit?

You will need to have access to technology with audio and video capabilities (smart phone, tablet, computers) to have a telehealth visit.

How is a telehealth visit different from an in-person visit?

Other than speaking to your provider via a video conference call, telehealth visits are very similar to in-person visits. Be sure to share everything with your provider as you would during an in-person visit.

Are telehealth visits available for children?

Yes, telehealth visits are available for both children and adults. During the child’s televisit, the provider will have a parent or guardian help with the child’s physical exam. This may include taking a temperature, showing the phone to the child’s throat, weighing the child or pushing on their belly, amongst other things.