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  • Expanding access through the Community Health Improvement Plan

    Last week, The Unified Government Public Health Department (UGPHD) of Kansas City, Kansas and its planning partners announced the 2018-2023 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). Vibrant Health is honored to be a lead agency on the CHIP initiative, focused on expanding access to medical, dental and behavioral health care.

    The 2018-2023 CHIP is the result of more than 18 months of work. In 2017, the Health Department completed a Community Health Assessment, which included gathering population health data and more than 2,200 surveys from residents about their biggest health concerns. That health assessment was used to determine the four priorities in the CHIP: 1) Access to living wage employment 2) Access to medical, dental, and mental health care 3) Safe and affordable housing, and 4) Violence prevention.

    Specifically, Vibrant Health will be working to increase access to care for all Wyandotte County residents, and ensure that the care our residents receive is high-quality and culturally-appropriate. This is a critically important effort for Vibrant Health, in order to accomplish our mission of improving health outcomes in Wyandotte County.

    We understand there are challenges to accessing health care and the system as a whole is difficult to navigate. We are confident that our engagement in this community planning project will help solve some of the barriers our neighbors feel when accessing care.

    Read more about CHIP’s Health Access goals and the work Vibrant Health will be leading.

    “Several of these issues are not ones that the Public Health Department has worked on before,” said Terry Brecheisen, Director of the Unified Government Public Health Department. “To get this plan accomplished, we needed to build strong and lasting partnerships with other agencies who are experts on these issues and equipped to lead. Thankfully, Lead Agencies have already emerged through the planning process to fill this role and are committed to working with us over coming years.”

    Four Lead Agencies have stepped up to help the Health Department coordinate work: the Wyandotte Economic Development Council, Vibrant Health, Livable Neighborhoods, and the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault. These organizations will work with the Health Department and partners to implement the strategies within the plan.

    To follow along with the CHIP progress and see how to get involved, visit the Wyandotte County Community Health Dashboard.

    Author: Kristin Littrell

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