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  • Meet our Team: Sofia Navarro

    We’re lucky to have exceptional staff at Vibrant Health who are passionate about their jobs and the patients and community we serve. Today, we get to introduce you to Sofia Navarro. 

    What is your job at Vibrant Health?

    I’m the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, clinic manager, and supervisor for the Medical Assistants at Vibrant Health’s Argentine clinic.

    I started working in public health ten years ago. I was completing my women’s health nurse practitioner program and needed more gynecology experience. Because I’m bilingual, my professor recommended that I work with the health department. When I first started, it was dark and gloomy and I thought, “I can’t work here.” But then I started seeing patients, and I loved it! I knew I was helping someone every single day. My patients were so thankful for anything we could do to help. So, I stayed in public health and I love it!




    What do you like most about your job?

    I like that I practice a wide range of women’s healthcare: prenatal care, gynecology, and family planning. My goal is to break the cycle of poverty. By helping young girls learn about family planning, girls are more likely to finish high school and improve their lives. I’m in a position to be a role model for a lot of the girls I see. I encourage them that they can do this – they can finish high school, go to college, get a better paying job, and get out of poverty.

    The health disparities in Wyandotte County are staggering. If you look at the poverty rate, teen pregnancy rate, STD transmission rate, infant mortality rate… although Wyandotte County is a small county, it ranks among the highest in Kansas for all of these. In my job, I have an opportunity to improve all of these for my patients.

    I’m bilingual and speak Spanish most often at the clinic. It helps me connect with my patients. Because I’m a women’s health practitioner, I ask a lot of personal questions. I think my patients are more comfortable talking with me because I can relate and speak directly with them, without having to use a third party interpreter. It puts the patient at ease and they’re more open and honest, which is critical for me to be able to provide good care for them.

    What should patients know about Vibrant Health?

    Patients should know that we offer so many services for someone who is struggling. They can come see us and we can help.

    The people who work here love what they do and are really compassionate. If you work in a community clinic, you’re not here to make money. We work here because we enjoy what we do and we want to help.

    Tell us about yourself!

    I’m a mother of three little boys who love to play just about every sport known to man. I spend a lot of time traveling to soccer practice, basketball practice, baseball practice, football practice… I love watching my kids play! And it’s a good way to get a work out in. I like to be outside.


    Author: Kristin Littrell

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