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  • Help us meet a $50,000 challenge!

    Everyone loves a good challenge and we are no different. That is why we do this work. Each and every patient is unique and has a different story:  a woman newly arrived in the United States with her young children who walks to the health center to get her kids vaccinated and ready for school; a man struggling with teeth that need to be pulled; a child at school getting routine dental cleanings, and another with a sore throat needing strep testing. Patients of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences come to us with the common thread of their need for healthcare.

    Every day is different and every family faces a different challenge.

    Today though, we have a challenge you can help us meet!

    The William G. McGowan Charitable Fund has offered Vibrant Health a challenge grant of $50,000! For every dollar donated to Vibrant Health before the end of June, the McGowan Charitable Fund will match it with an equal contribution, doubling the impact of your gift.  But, here is the challenging part: we need to raise the full $50,000 to receive the grant.

    Your donation to Vibrant Health supports people in the most fundamental ways. Access to primary care allows an unemployed individual to seek and maintain a job; it improves a child’s chances of succeeding in school; and it helps prevent the kind of catastrophes that land people in the hospital unnecessarily. You are supporting the well-being of our entire community.

    We appreciate the generosity of our donors and corporate partners who help us reach more than 9,000 patients annually. There is significant need, but this opportunity to leverage support helps ensure we will be here when families call.

    Please donate today to help leverage this opportunity to provide more services to families in Wyandotte County.

    Author: Patrick Sallee

    Patrick Sallee is the CEO of Vibrant Health. Patrick has spent his career in the non-profit world because it allows him to pursue the issues he’s passionate about: providing opportunities for children, helping others, fighting for the underrepresented, and building communities. Patrick spends his spare time with his wife Chesney, twin daughters Avery and Makenna and newborn Lowen. He can be reached at psallee@vibranthealthkc.org

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