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  • Turner House to become Vibrant Health – Wyandotte Neighborhood Clinics

    Eighteen months ago, the Turner House Children’s Clinic board, along with the leadership of the University of Kansas Health System and the University of Kansas School of Nursing began conversations and planning to merge the operations of three existing safety net clinics in Wyandotte County. Those clinics are Turner House, Silver City Health Center and the KU Pediatric clinic housed at the Children’s Campus of KC. We have been working collaboratively now for more than a year, with the goal of finalizing a merger, under the Turner House 501c3, at the end of 2017. The health outcomes in Wyandotte County always fall at or near the bottom of the rankings in Kansas. ‍

    There is a larger number of uninsured residents, more families living under the Federal Poverty Level and a higher number of teen births here than the state averages in those categories. The impact created through this merger is increased access to health care services, improved coordination of care and future program expansion to offer more services.

    ‍Over the last several months, we have been focused on bringing together operations of these clinics, which includes: a unified electronic medical record system, transfer of employment, conversion of accounting and medical billing systems and working towards a cohesive brand. The board and staff have worked incredibly hard to advance this effort each and every day, while also seeing an increased number of patients.

    With all of that said, we are excited about the future, and the ongoing important work that happens each day in our clinics. We are proud to announce our new name, beginning 2018:

    Vibrant Health – Wyandotte Neighborhood Clinics.

    Thank you for supporting this work, we hope you will continue to believe in this organization and the critical role it plays in our community!

    Author: Patrick Sallee

    Patrick Sallee is the CEO of Vibrant Health. Patrick has spent his career in the non-profit world because it allows him to pursue the issues he’s passionate about: providing opportunities for children, helping others, fighting for the underrepresented, and building communities. Patrick spends his spare time with his wife Chesney, twin daughters Avery and Makenna and newborn Lowen. He can be reached at psallee@vibranthealthkc.org

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