Vibrant Health Announces New Clinic and Community Collaboration

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Vibrant Health is excited to announce a future medical clinic, which will serve residents in northeast Kansas City, Kansas and beyond. 

Wyandotte County has the lowest per capita income in the region and the highest proportion of uninsured low-income individuals and families. In order to help alleviate these disparities, Vibrant Health leaders actively look at different areas of communities where the most impact can be made.

Vibrant Health Board of Director, Vibrant Community Advisory Board member, and KCK native, Dr. Nozella Brown, believes that this new clinic will bring equitable revitalization to a typically underserved area.

“Vibrant decided to listen,” Dr. Brown said. “There was a lot going on here — a lot of organizations, neighborhood groups that were doing good things with hardly any resources. Vibrant was coming in to build on that and support that. And that’s key.

While Vibrant Health will own the building, it will be leased to the Vibrant Community Development Corporation resulting in reinvestment funding back into the community.

“It’s a commitment to sharing power. You don’t have to look far to find projects, including clinics, where they design the building and they show it to the community and say, ‘This is what we’re doing.’ We would like to do it differently and actually invite the community to learn alongside us.”-Vibrant Health’s director of community development, Matthew Kleinmann.

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